About IHT

IHT is a not-for-profit Development Consulting firm working with various international donor agencies, including the European Union, Asian Development Bank, UN System, World Bank and other donor agencies, in the areas of governance and administrative reform, energy efficiency, renewable energy, environment and climate change, sustainable production and consumption, information technology, education and vocational Training, water and sanitation, and health systems and services    Read more...

Our Services

Consulting Services

IHT helps Organizations Improve their Performance


IHT focuses on improving efficiency of Govt. work processes


Development of Hospital, Dispensaries & Consultancy Services

Technical Education

Education, Technical & Vocational Training and Skills Development

Sustainable Development

IHT provides Services in Sustainable Development

IT Services

IHT specializes in providing customized Technology and Business Solutions

GIS Service

GIS Services

IHT specializes in providing GIS support for Public and Private Sector Operators

Industrial Services

IHT's Industrial Services Improve Production Process and Entire Value Chain

Water Engineering

IHT provides Project Management Services in all aspects of Water Cycle

Environmental Service

IHT is working on Numerous Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)

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